Friday, 5 November 2010

8 Steps for a Super Easy No Effort Needed Oven Cleaning Method

What a mouthful for today's title, right?

Maggie noted that my oven looks so clean and to tell you the truth - it really is! =)

I've been using this method to clean my oven since 2007, where I posted the following post on m4m in August that year:


I stumbled on this website because of an earlier thread about sodium bicarbonate and its uses. I didn't really believe it until I tried it today. I mean, the science of it sounds true - and that was what convinced me to try it.

And guess what? It works! Sumpah! O.O

The best part of cleaning the oven with the baking soda is that I don't even need to use elbow grease. The 3 teaspoons of baking soda did all the work and I just wipe down the oven with a damp cloth to remove the dirt - and what dirt it was! The pail of water I used to rinse the cloth turned into coffee, but I didn't have to use a whole lot of energy to scrub the oven, nor did I have to scour the oven with detergent etc.

In fact, I managed to even clean the fan behind the grill in the oven - or at least get some of the grime off with the baking soda solution.

Try it and spread the news, people! :D


Since then, I've only ever used this method of cleaning my oven, and my oven has since progressively cleaner and cleaner, and now, even the oven fan is grime free. =)

I love it that the only cleaning agent is bicarbonate of soda, which is something that is often added to food and is therefore non-toxic. It's also cheap and it's on hand because we bake a lot, so we don't have to buy something in addition just to clean the oven. ;)

I hope today's post will bring a lot of joy to oven users, especially when you see the dirt literally dries up and wipes clean away. =)