Monday, 5 February 2007

Joining the Bandwagon of Food Blogs

There's something very inviting and droolworthy whenever I surf into a food blog. Somehow, seeing the yummy pics in those blogs excites my conceptual thinking and suddenly, I'm itching to try out the recipes that follow to see if the final product tastes as great as it looks.

Most of the time, they do. And if they don't turn out the way they ought to, I try to tweak the recipes until I get something I like.

My main purpose to begin this food blog is to publish the results of my cooking journey. The recipes I will post here are those that I've tried myself - and they work.

The secondary aim of this food blog is because Noel and I both believe that home cooking is an important part of being a family. We feel that being involved in the preparation of food somehow draws the family closer together. Certainly, Ethan enjoys participating whenever I bake something, and when he knows that the food he consumes is made by myself, especially for him, he eats more.

Finally, in this age where food scares are aplenty, we are undoubtedly concerned about what our kids eat. Moderation is key, but so too, are the ingredients that go into the food: No MSG, no sugar replacement etc.

Just making most food from scratch - and believe me, it's not that difficult to do at all.


If I can cook, so can you.

Just ask my grandmother! :D

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