Monday, 25 October 2010

The Instant Noodle Post

Do we eat instant noodles? Of course we do! =)

There's something absolutely yummy indulging in instant noodles that instantly makes our mouth waters, that invokes steaming salty soup, with yummy eggs and crunchy veggies - a sure satisfying mouthful when the hunger pang strikes. Or my favourite dry instant noodles - Indomie - with its salty-sweet slippery chewiness, topped off with a fried egg.

However, it has been quite a long time since we last bought a real pack of instant noodles. These days, we buy the noodle cakes without seasoning and make our own soup base, or in the case of this post, make our own 'Indomie'-styled noodles.

Recently, Taiwan has banned Indomie (Today Online),
which naturally raised some concerns in Singapore, as Indomie's Mi Goreng is very popular here.

This news didn't affect us much, though. Long before this, we were already enjoying our version of Indomie's Mi Goreng.

This time, the recipe is a step-by-step pictorial explanation of how to make my version of Indomie's Mi Goreng:

Brenda's Indomie

You'll need:
1 Instant Noodle cake (These can be bought in packs of 6 to 8 cakes, all without seasoning from the supermarket.)

1 to 2 tsp Fried Shallot with oil (You can make your own, or buy ready made ones)

1 tbsp HABHAL's Sweet (Soya Bean Sauce) (RED LABEL)

1 to 2 tsp of homemade Sambal Tumis (You could also get ready-made ones; just look for Nasi Lemak Chilli at the supermarket, if they don't stock Sambal Tumis.)

  1. Cook one cake of noodles. I like to add my leafy veggies after the noodles soften a bit.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare the ingredients to replace the seasoning powder you find in the instant noodle packets. On a plate, put the shallot oil,the sweet soya sauce,and the sambal tumis.
  3. Drain the noodles and veggies, and mix them with the oil, sauce and chilli on the plate, until the noodles are well coated. The beauty of making your own is that you can have it spicier if you wish, or sweeter, or more shalloty fragrant. ;)
  4. We like to have a fried egg on top of our Mi Goreng, and have the semi-cooked egg yolk coat the noodles. YUM!

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Dee said...

Whoa this looks so good! Does it taste exactly like indomie? If it tastes a bit different, how was it different? Is it less savory or less sweet etc