Friday, 18 March 2011

Dinosaur Cakepops

A mini-dino conference!

This is so easy to do! My dinosaur-loving nephew had a party and I made these for him.

Just fashion the cake into a dinosaur shape with a big head and a long tail. Use a skewer to shape arms and legs. Dip the shape into chocolate coating and attach white sprinkles for the eyes. Dot the sprinkle with an edible ink pen.

While the chocolate is still soft, attach jumbo heart sprinkles all the way down the back of the dino. If the choc is already hardened, then dip the heart into a little of the melted choc and attach it to the dino.

I made only 4 Dino cakepops for him, and he was so nice to share it with his cousins. =)

Headless dino!


Anonymous said...

hi! just a question hope u can help me. Did u use melted choc or candy melts from wilton?
I tried melting the candy melts but its either burnt or wont melt at all :(

Brenda said...

For the dino, I used melted choc. You'll need to ask the Phoon Huat staff which one to use for candy coating.
If you use the candy melt, use increments of 10s on your microwave, and then stir to see if it's melted. You might need to thin the candy melt with cocoa butter (also available from Phoon Huat) if the candy melt is too thick.